Convert Wordpress posts and Articles to PDF files
  ImPDF is a web service to generate PDF documents from posts. It is very useful to share your posts in PDF format. You can insert a "Create PDF Button" in your posts in Wordpress, your customers will able to convert this post to PDF format by one click.

"Create PDF Button" for your Wordpress site. ImPDF Online Converter enables your readers to convert one or more articles to pdf files. ImPDF Wordpress to PDF Converter is work at "direct download mode", No email address is needed in this mode. Each PDF link creates the PDF directly and the user has to download the created PDF.

Advantages of the Wordpress PDF plug-in:
  • Increase the quality of your blog.
  • PDF file's title is contain the name of your blog.
  • Retain all clickable hyperlinks in generated PDF file.
  • Increase the reach of your blog.
  • The produced PDF files are forwarded to other peoples that other peoples are able to find your Wordpress site because the hyperlinks included in the PDF files.
  • Your blog or server don't need any special requirements.
  • Create and download PDF files directly.

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