HTML to PDF Online API
  ImPDF HTML to PDF Converter is a PDF conversion service that allows you to convert you web pages and reports and images to adobe PDF files. ImPDF HTML to PDF Converter does support valid urls of your html, asp, php, .Net, cgi, jsp, etc. web pages for conversion to PDF files.

Developer Tools (HTML to PDF API) is a professional solution that lets you create PDF from web pages in your applications. HTML to PDF API is easy to use and the integration takes only a few lines of code.

Key Benefits:

  • Renders URLs of (dynamic) html/xhtml pages including CSS to PDF, on the fly.
  • ImPDF Online is a Service NOT a class library, component, activex or EXE.
  • Very easy to use, No hidden costs, No setup fee.
  • No need for installing anything on your server.
  • Support for dynamic (php, asp(x), jsp, cfm etc.) and static pages in (x)html.
  • Free E-Mail support.
  • HTML to PDF Converter API is available virtually on any platform that supports HTTP.
  • Easy integration, no third party libraries needed.
  • 99.9% uptime. HTML to PDF Converter API is fast and reliable.

Convert web page page to PDF file from Command Line:
1. Download wget.exe first [

2. Run following command line to convert a web page to PDF file,

wget -O impdf.pdf ""

See following screenshot:

Convert web page page to PDF file from VBS:

Sub download(url,target)
    Const adTypeBinary = 1
    Const adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2
    Dim http,ado
    Set http = CreateObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP") "GET",url,False
    Set ado = createobject("Adodb.Stream")
    ado.Type = adTypeBinary
    ado.Write http.responseBody
    ado.SaveToFile target
End Sub

download "" out.pdf

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